Time Passes Quickly

Okay, nearly 3 weeks have passed since my last post, has it really been that long?   In that time, our hot water heater went out-got it fixed, the entire city lost water-lasted for a few hours then came back but meant that the kids couldn’t go to school that day, found out that the closing on our old house would be delayed because of some issues with the buyer’s financing, then we went on  vacation to Disney World for a week!  So as you can see, its a boring life I lead.  We’re back from vacay, we’re finally closing on the house today (yay!) and we’re working on getting back into a routine.  I did actually make a card, but its gotten buried somewhere in this disaster area that I’m calling a craft room.  So I’m working on getting this room put together, with the help of Harper, my 17 month old daughter, who has decided that she doesn’t like the way I’ve organized my ribbon and much prefers for it to be all over the floor.  I’m really hoping to be able to post some pictures on various sites: here, my etsy site, my fan page for Lady Baby Bows on facebook, etc. sometime this weekend, especially since the hubs is off on Monday for Columbus Day, so check back with me early next week to see if I’ve been able to make any progress.  It will probably be more bows than paper crafts since I’m prepping for a craft fair, but at least we know the creative juices are still flowing.  Once again, fingers crossed!


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