desperate to create

okay, the dry spell is over.  I was once, not too long ago, in a place where I felt like I could put away all of my paper crafting supplies and a lot of my other crafting supplies forever and not miss them.  I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to do traditional paper crafting and scrapbooking ever again.  That time has passed.  I think the fact that I have had to limit myself in what I can do due to trying to sell our house has greatly contributed to my sense of desperation.  I’m so tired of feeling like I can only get out one or two items at a time and I have to put them away the second I’m done with them.  Half of my stuff and all of my paper crafts are not even in the house at the moment, they’re in storage somewhere  to help keep our house from looking cluttered, to make it look more spacious.  I know the house has only been on the market for a month and I’m being completely impatient, but that’s just part of my personality.  I hate to wait for the things I want, and even more than that, I hate uncertainty.  If I could be told exactly when our house would sell, I would be doing a lot better because I could put a plan into action for that.  I would still hate the wait and I would still hate having all of my stuff in storage and feeling like I can’t do anything that I want to do, but at least I’d know when the end of my torture was coming and I could happily look forward to that day.  But instead I sit and wonder, uncertain.  Is someone going to come look at my house today?  Is someone going to call with an offer tomorrow?  Or are we going to go another week or two without hearing anything.  This is highly frustrating and difficult to deal with.  It seems to have just totally rewritten my life.  I know that its only temporary and that this too shall pass.  I also know that its not the worst thing that will ever happen to me.  But it is the worst thing happening to me now.  And overlooking the things that are happening now and seeing the things that will be is just so hard, especially when you have no clue when those things that will be will be.


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